Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to start web hosting Business

You can easily start your own cheap web hosting business these days
,now each days millions of new web site launch for business and profit
purpose,ofcourse now the demand of web hosting is increasing day by day
very quickly, These days starting your own web hosting business is very
simple , easy ,just buy a Master Reseller account from web hosting company
ut, it is of prime importance for you to select the best hosting company as
if you will lack anything then there is cutthroat completion for this in market.
Your host provider should be competent enough to give you all the services and
guidance for selling and establishing your products. Means they should guide you
for the problems you face in any new business.
After you have selected a good company for your Master Reseller Web Hosting,
you will need to get your site designed and make the plans and details of the space
you will be able to allot. And also decide at what prices you will be able to sell your
And Remember always highlight your services features which are very important
like before any customer switch to your hosting services ,he will think several times
before jump ahead
Price of Hoting services?
Because a prudent client always consider following things
how much reliable company where he is moving?
data safety in case of server crash?
backup of his precious data?
since how much time hosting company existing?
whether hosting company entertain his technical query?
whether hosting company has proper well skilled experienced technical staff?
24/7 Technical Support?
Down Time of web hosting company?
Does web hosting company provide all Application services he required?
Company Profile of web hosting Company?
Location of Servers?

If you can really provide these features
After completing all those procedure you will have to decide a proper promoting method for
promoting your website. It is not that easy but let me give you some tips about it. You will
have to first select some paid tool like adword because that will be able to give you instant traffic.
You should plan out your budget keeping all the consequences in the mind.

Google adwords, ads on face book , ads on digg, write a blog on word press with same name of your website
it will index very soon, and always provide updated information and news on this blog, word press
is very popular and power full blog service
join social networking  sites with same your product name and update these frequently about your services
be patience for few months and keep your efforts continously
This is fact there are lot of world class companies which providing hosting services and clain they are best
but reality is that i personally they are not lot of weak points in them
so try to fill this gap and be honest, if you are honest and dedicated services you will really get ample amount
of clients soon
Here are some world class hosting companies below for your help    Best Of Luck

Blue Host
Host Monster
Fast Domain
IX Web Hosting
Super Green Hosting
web hosting pad
Host Gator
Host Excellence

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