Tuesday, December 21, 2010

how to Backup of your website from Cpanel WHM

Today we will discuss how to take backup of a website
from cpanel whm
In previous discussion i have already told you how to login
in cpanel most of the users from USA Canada  Australia
ask me how to take backup from cpanel so her it is a brief
guide line it will enable you to take a full back up of your
website in case if you loose your data or if you are going to
change your hosting , you can easily upload your entire website
i assume you are already login in cpanel
go to backup option in cpanel click on it
there will be now option display weekly or daily this is the main backup
screen  scroll down the screen click on the full bacup option because
now you are going to download a full back of your web site
there is an option of
backup destination     click on remote ftp
email address            enter the email id
remote ftp                 ftp.yourdomain.com
remote ftp user         your ftp user where you want to save
password                  password of remote ftp username
now click on generate backup
a complete back up will generated in your remote ftp account