Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Web Hosting -Why wait when you can buy?

“The need for the hour”, has kept changing with time. Evolution being an integral part of human lives, has transformed the way we were, to the way we are, in possible aspects. No one needs to be introduced to the internet today. We all know the immense power it holds and we all want a share of the infinite possibilities it offers.

Under a scenario where every single soul needs a website to move forward, web hosting has become the cradle of success in forms of business. One needs to understand the different terms related to web hosting and only then decide on what it is exactly, that they need. There are huge numbers of companies that offer web space on their server for their customers and also offer Internet connectivity in general in a data center. There can be various types of web site hosting companies. The main classification is the free web site hosting and the paid web site hosting service companies.

In case of free web hosting services, the user has the right to upload his or her web site content on the server space that is provided by the web hosting company without any cost. There are certain disadvantages to this format though. When using the free web site hosting service, you are forced to place the ads and banners by the web site hosting company on your web pages. Also the revenue that is obtained by the ads goes to the web site company. This is not the case when you use a paid hosting service. Ads and banners placed on your web site are according to your will and the revenue of the banners and ads placed on your web site goes in your pocket.

The domain name registration is a very important factor for your own website. Having your own domain name would mean, having full control of your website. In some cases of free web site hosting, the domain name of your web site starts with the web site hosting company name followed by your web site name. This is not the case of paid web site hosting service. You get a unique web site domain. The web space provided by free web site hosting service is limited whereas in case of paid web site hosting service you can buy hosting space according to your requirements.

Hence, the case of having a paid web hosting service has its own perks and businesses can be taken into a whole new level having a paid web hosting service as you have the upper hand in terms of bandwidth and disk space in the servers.