Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Domain Registration- How to Get a Free Domain in pakistan

Domains are one of the necessary expenses of running a website, but getting a free domain is easy if you know how. A couple of ways exist. We'll cover them both.
Subdomain? Or Domain?
Is a subdomain all you need? Then that's easy to arrange for with any hosting provider. On your webmaster control panel or dashboard, there is a way of creating subdomains. This will add a custom name to the front of the host's website name. For instance, darkchocolate.myhostingco.com -- darkchocolate would be the subdomain. You may name this whatever you like. It is yours to decide.
Subdomain’s Upside and Downside
The upside? It's free and easy. The downside? You lose control of that subdomain the minute you lose access to your hosting account. Unless you pay to keep that website current while referring traffic to your new website host, you'll lose all traffic you've built to that subdomain. The only way to keep and control your website address or URL, no matter your host, is to secure a domain name in your name and under your control.
Eminent Domain
Domains are the mark of a professional website. If you mean to keep and grow your site, you'll need a domain of your own. They can be pricey, but we'll show you how to get a totally free one.
Pick Your Host
Some hosts offer a free domain with new hosting accounts. When you choose carefully, you can get a free domain at a top-notch host. This will lend you the mystique of a serious website. A domain in your own name will allow you to control your traffic. So long as you keep the registration current, you'll always be able to say to where that domain is pointed. If done correctly, you may later point that domain at any host you like. Be sure to check-out the hosting company's Terms of Service with regard to any minimum hosting period required.
Other Things to Watch Out For
  1. Make certain the domain is in your name as the sole owner. It's okay if the tech has his or her own name as the technical contact, but the domain really should only be in your name. It's the only way you'll make certain to have total control of the domain so long as you keep the registration current.
  2. Make sure it's a .com or the TLD of your choice. Don't be fooled by a free domain with an unpopular TLD. Typeins are very important with any domain. If you build a site called americanmusclecars.net, you'll be sending a lot of your repeat traffic to whomever owns americanmusclecars.com.
  3. Keep in mind the usual cautions about domain names. Opt for easy to spell or sound-out names. Short is better than long, unless long is a common phrase or saying.
  4. Know your registrar. Which domain registrar does the host use? Is it in-house? It's fine if it is, but be sure to have control of the domain via a registrar's password. You'll also need to know your domain logins for when you want to re-register the domain. You must maintain a domain's registration to keep it.
One warning: domain names are addictive. Once you have one, you'll want more. At least the first one at your host will be free!
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