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Online Education Master Degree: Advantages Of Online MBA

Online Education Master Degree: Advantages Of Online MBA

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Payza vs AlertPay: Comparison of Fee Structure and Customer Service Support

AlertPay is dead. If you are a long-term AlertPay supporter, you may be a bit uncomfortableto hear that AlertPay has been acquired by an UK-based company called MH Pillars since April 2012 and has then been renamed Payza. According to the official announcement, the change is intended to help integrating AlertPay with prepaid card solutions and to just get AlertPay 'better'. AlertPay was one of the key competitors of PayPal, the leading payment system online by far.

While people have no idea what is happening and some may even wonder whether the new Payza is a scam (because AlertPay has been losing credit card supports even before becoming Payza), we feel it is necessary to check at least what kind of service the new Payza is offering to different users in different countries.

Is Payza Really 'Better' vs. AlertPay?

To answer this question, we decide to check the new Payza fee structure first. In fact, for users in the U.S., you may not notice a significant difference (except for the change in brand name of course) because the new Payza fee structure does not seem to have any change in this country. We, however, note there are BIG changes for international users if we compare the new Payza services against the old AlertPay. Taking Hong Kong as an example:

Account Type:Personal StarterAccount Type:Personal ProAccount Type:Business
AlertPay vs. PayzaOld AlertPay FeeNew Payza FeeOld AlertPay FeeNew Payza FeeOld AlertPay FeeNew Payza Fee
Receive moneyFreeNo change2.50 % + HKD$2.9No change2.50 % + HKD$2.9No change
Receive money via Credit CardNot allowedNo change4.90 % + HKD$2.9Not allowed4.90 % + HKD$2.9Not allowed
Send moneyFreeNo changeFreeNo changeFreeNo change
Withdraw money via Bank WireUSD$15No changeUSD$15No changeUSD$15No change
Withdraw money via Bank Transfer or Credit CardHKD$35 ~ HKD$38Not allowedHKD$35 ~ HKD$38Not allowedHKD$35 ~ HKD$38Not allowed
Withdraw money via CheckUSD$4FreeUSD$4FreeUSD$4Free
Withdraw money via Prepaid Debit CardNot allowedUSD$1Not allowedUSD$1Not allowedUSD$1
Deposit money via Money Order/Check, or Bank WireFree ~ USD$20No changeFree ~ USD$20No changeFree ~ USD$20No change
Deposit money via Bank TransferFee variesNot allowedFee variesNot allowedFee variesNot allowed
Deposit money via Prepaid Debit CardNot allowedFreeNot allowedFreeNot allowedFree
Deposit money via Credit CardNot allowed3.5%Not allowed3.5%Not allowed3.5%

Payza vs. AlertPay Table: Comparison of Fee Structure (For Personal Starter, Personal Pro, and Business Account Types)

While we, as a team of money savers, like the idea that Payza cuts some fees and makes them comparable to the U.S. fee structure, we are unhappy to know that it has disabled most of their credit card supports, except that they start to allow deposit money via credit cards. Instead, Payza enhances its prepaid card supports by allowing money withdrawal and deposit via prepaid debit cards. What is perhaps the most inconvenient is that now it disallows money deposit via bank transfer, and money withdrawal via bank transfer or credit card for international users, taking Hong Kong as an example.

That is why we decide to ask Payza support directly why they stop most of their supports to bank transfers and credit cards. This is part of the email content we sent to Payza customer support:

Dear Customer Support Team,

It seems that Payza now disallows money deposit via bank transfer, and money withdrawal via bank transfer or credit card for Hong Kong users. Is it just temporary or I cannot do it forever? Please help!

Our first surprise was about the speed of their response. In AlertPay old days, we got used to receive responses from their support team within 2 working days. However, after changing hands to Payza, we needed to wait for more than 1 week for the following answer:

Dear XYZ,

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to process any Credit Card transactions.

We are working diligently to resolve this issue we are experiencing and hope to resume a normal service again soon. However, due to the nature of the issue, we are unable to offer a time frame for when our credit card processing will be available again.

To make a purchase, your customers will be able to fund their Payza account to complete their payment to you. Members can deposit funds into their Payza account by using one of the following methods:

(1) Bank Transfer (Depends on Your Country);
(2) Bank Wire;
(3) Check/Money Order.

Thanks for your email and I hope you have a great day!

Business Development Team – Payza

We considered good (speedy and helpful) customer service as a traditional advantage of using AlertPay. It appears that good customer service may no longer exist for Payza, although we understand their customer support team might have received too many email inquiries during the period of changeover which can cause delay in receiving their reply. Since their first reply appeared to be too robotic (close to PayPal standard) and did not answer our question correctly (especially for the bank transfer issue), we asked again and got their second reply as below:

Dear XYZ,

We apologize for the inconvenience however, unfortunately at this time banking cannot be supported for your country. Please note that you are still able to add and withdraw funds to your Payza account by other methods.

To add funds, you can do so by bank wire or by certified checks/money order.

To withdraw funds, you can do so by bank wire once your account is verified.

Please be aware that we hope to have our regular banking services up again soon.

Thanks again for contacting us. If you have any other questions or problems in the future, myself or one of my colleagues will be more than happy to help.

Customer Support Supervisor – Payza

This time it took even longer (around 2 weeks) for receiving the second reply from their customer support team, but to be fair, at least our questions have been answered. The true fact is: Payza has limited choices for international users to add or withdraw money from their accounts.

How do you feel about the above story? If you are living in a country that can still get satisfactory services and can save your online transaction costs, congrats and you may save money by clicking here to join Payza now, or if you further compare fee structure and customer service support quality do you consider to join PayPal instead?

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Post Unlimited Jobs online

If you are looking for potential website for posting job online, is one of the great source for you.Employeer can post job free of cost for 60 days.Employer can post job in any category like IT Jobs,Nursing Jobs,Medical Jobs,Administrative Jobs,Job In USA,Jobs in Australia,Jobs in UAE,Jobs in Canada,Jobs in India,Jobs in Pakistan,Jobs in Asia,Insurance Jobs,Architect Jobs,Legal Advisor job,Network Administrators Jobs,Technical Support Jobs,Media Related Jobs.another amazing thing in this site employee can direct link with employer and can send them CV At their required Email IDs

Find Your Dream Job from

If you are looking for jobs online or If you want to post job free of cost, there are very few site which offer such facilities.many of Jobs Website offer jobs online but provide direct link with Employeer,in this site you can visit thousands of news jobs daily,You can find jobs by location by Category,You can search by salary,Different category jobs like Jobs in Australia,Jobs in USA,Jobs in UAE,Jobs in Canada,Jobs in Asia,Jobs in India,Jobs in Pakistan,Jobs in Japan,Jobs in Singapore,variety of jobs like jobs in medical,jobs for IT Professional,Jobs for Administrative professional,Nursing Jobs,Marketing Jobs,All these jobs having direct link with employer.another positive thing and advantage for employer who want to post new job vacancy free of cost on website, Orbitgoogle is great source for them
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Reseller web hosting services

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

In Most Simple words Reseller web hosting is nothing but Reseller business where you sell someone else's hosting and domain Name services for profit. You Can buy Massive Hosting from the original web hosting site, and sell them as a premium one to your clients. This is one of the most popular earning options on the Internet as it covers a worldwide range of customers.

Most people, do not know about Reseller Hosting and How it useful to make a profit because they are not too familiar with Reseller Web Hosting. Though you would have surely come across this term several times before, you would not have taken it as a serious thought to make profit. It is basically defined as a business where a user resells Web Hosting plans by purchasing a large plan from a website hosting company. reseller web hosting in India has grown very forward as a great business venture for budding entrepreneurs in last few years. There are many Reseller web hosting services available in India if you want to target your market in India.

If you are wanting to start an online business, then you can really go for reseller Hosting, because this one will give you the most profit online very easily. This happens to be one of the ideal methods of profiting online without forcing yourself to engage in the same challenges as web hosting. This is because web hosting can be difficult if you don’t have the patience and skill to handle the job. Maybe you need something more passive that gives you passive income, and thats what being a reseller is in certain respects.

A reseller does not have to buy web servers used in hosting and nor does he have to maintain them. Both these tasks are generally performed by the main hosting company from whom the reseller buys the hosting plan. The only investment a reseller needs to make is the reseller hosting plan he purchases from the web host. All the remaining tasks, such as server management and support will be performed by the main hosting company.

Hosting Raja is one of the leading website hosting companies in India offers affordable reseller web hosting services. HostingRaja offers all types of hosting plans, such as Reseller Hosting, Windows hosting, Linux Hosting, Java Hosting and many other services.

Find the cheapest domain registration india Services!

In India there are many cheap web hosing services available world wide, but not all of them worth the cheap hosting service they offer, some cheap web hosting goes with constant server downtime. Their server goes off and comes on, which makes your website to lose its search engine ranking, low web traffic and even sales if it is a commercial site. The best Cheapest domain registration india is offered by only rare companies, and the features like affordable web hosting it offers, you will also qualify to get 99.99% uptime, and with their 99.99%, you will be sure that your website will always be active and running.
The least fee which a company charge is based on the hosting plan you wish to go for, if you want to host just one domain, then the least fee you will pay is Rs 99/month (may vary with the hosting providers). You will not only save money if you chose to go for a month hosting, but you will even save more money if you select 1 or 2 or 5 year web hosting plan, that way you will save a lot of money because each and every company provides huge discounts on high year pack. No matter the hosting plan you wish to chose, you will get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth offered by some hosting companies, and with some business plans you are allowed to host unlimited domains. Reputed hosting companies are not only affordable, but it offers quality service, it has a good customer service representative, as such you will get prompt respond to any question you may have to ask, also they are available 24/7 hours round the clock to solve to any query you may have to ask.

If you have made a good relation with your hosting providers, then they may offer discount coupons from time to time, and the use of coupons is a good way to save money on web hosting. You can easily test cheap web hosting service providers to take out the good ones, just by doing some research on internet for particular domain, before you order for any of the services of the cheap domain name and web hosting providers, make sure you test how prompt they respond to your queries. Cheapest web hosting services in India that are of good quality will also offer you real server speed, great and decent 24/7 customer-support should be your main focus, But you mustn't make the wrong decision when trying to select one of the numerous cheap web hosting service providers based on service.

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What is a reseller web hosting package?

What is a reseller web hosting package?

What is a reseller web hosting package?

Author: b4uindia
In today's world Internet is becoming must and now we are so dependent on it that people will not even imagine to get results without it in both our non-public and professional lives. When the Web came at that time, only firms that were sufficiently large may think about the idea of making websites for their company. But now the time has changed drastically. Today everyone wants to have an online prescence of their own business enterprise, or to have a blog which shows their own existence in this internet world.

The creating of a web site has turn out to be simple and exceedingly quick. Development of a website is always that easy that even someone will make it on his own. Normally the method of web hosting a website is totally a different piece of cake. Usually you will find people who don't understand the importance of web hosting a web site till the time period they make one for their company and feel excited to make it go on Internet.

With regard to hosting of a internet site, one has to search a very good internet hosting plan which could match up their expectations and requirements. The reseller web hosting package is one such hosting package that is favored by both firms along with individuals. It's the best reasonable choice for the hosting of the website since it is thought to be the best option.

What is essentially mean by reseller hosting plan?
This kind of internet hosting plan is now very preferred and widely recognized hosting plan. With reseller web hosting plan you will get the chance to select on your own the resources of the web server and may also customise it in line with the prerequisites. The hosting server resources may be chosen for your benefit or perhaps you'll be able to hire them further to people that have an interest to speculate in such a sound package.

You can find various advantages of getting a reseller hosting plan, some of them are like this :
The most significant benefit of getting a reseller hosting program is the extensive variety of web server space which too at extremely cheap rates. Which means you must pay some amount of regular charge for the sake of internet hosting. Another critical gain connected with this kind of a package is that when you opt for purchasing this plan then you can acquire it for your use therefore you can convert it to a business proposition also. You have got the freedom to use as much space as you wish which is needed for the hosting purpose of your internet site and also the left out space might be offered on lease.

Thus by doing this you may charge for the hired out space. This is going to help you to recover the monthly charge that you pay monthly for hosting the website. This plan can also give you the freedom of choice as with it you can simply customise the resources of the hosting server. You can readily pick which wedge of the package you would like to give on lease to the clients. So it gives you the opportunity of customizing and also , the liberty of choosing resources as per your requirements. This makes this plan more fascinating and best deal for everyone.

Reseller hosting is generally desired by those entrepreneur who're ready to start some new domain and hosting cheap small business, if you're looking for best reseller hosting india visit:

Web Hosting Basics

Web Hosting Basics

Web Hosting Basics

Author: Ray Gomez
Cebu Web Solutions is here to make it simple for you to establish your web presence within a very short period of time. Following the latest web hosting market trends, we have generated for you an offering that integrates all you need to transform your ideas into an attractive web site. With a few easy clicks you can get a domain, build a web site, create e-mail addresses, and initiate reaping the profits of your unique online presence. Enjoy our FREE set of web design and web content tools and choose the location of your web site - in USA or in Europe!

Choosing a domain name is very important for your online uniqueness. To get a good name for your web site you should set up an Internet address, typically known as registering a domain name. With Cebu Web Solutions web hosting plans, you can buy among a wide range of domain extensions. Pick one that is well descriptive of your website's main topic. A well-formulated word combination - easy to memorize and spell, will boost the value of your online presence and help you keep a decent ranking in every search engines. Supreme Web Host offers FREE Domain Registration of all Shared Web Hosting Packages.

SHARED WEB HOSTING: Complete Hosting Solutions
Cebu Web Solutions gives you top-class shared website hosting services, domain name options and FREE marketing and web content tools for both individuals and businesses. Through our easy to use Control Panel you have total control over your websites. You can get between a variety of carefully set-up packages supporting three versions of PHP (PHP 4/5/6) and the latest stable releases of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER HOSTING or VPS: VPS hosting solution for advanced users
Cebu Web Solutions offers cut-price virtual server web hosting deals are intended for advanced users who require to take care of their own private server but are not yet ready to move to a dedicated hosting solution due to the high maintenance costs. Virtual Private Servers or VPS are based on an advanced virtualization technology, enabling each VPS user to be fully independent from the others on the same machine. This distinctive technology brings you generous amounts of RAM memory, CPU and network resources, which you can make use of at any given event.

SEMI-DEDICATED HOSTING: Semi-dedicated plans for ‘grown-up’ shared users

Your online needs have grown so much that the traditional shared hosting service is not already a perfect match. Your websites are so traffic-consuming and stuffed with running applications and programs that the most generously packed web hosting plan could hardly support them. Your diagnosis then is – ‘in need of a semi-dedicated hosting solution’. Supreme Web Host gives budget semi-dedicated hosting plans that are set up to match your increased demands of basic server resources, permitting you to keep growing your web presence and strengthening your competitiveness. Our semi-dedicated servers come with the in-house built Hepsia Control Panel featuring an easy to use interface for managing your server like you manage a regular hosting account.

DEDICATED HOSTING: Dedicated servers for total online independence
Cebu Web Solutions also provides low-priced dedicated hosting server bundles that are setup to suit your ever-growing web presence needs. You will have under your full control a whole server machine, with a robust hardware configuration, powerful operational parameters and stable network characteristics. Your server comes with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and will be set up for you free of charge.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates: Security for your website and your clients
The SSL certificate will provide the users who browse your website to browse in a safe environment via an encrypted connection. This service is essential for all online stores, which deal with monetary transactions. A wildcard SSL certifcate can be used for a number of subdomains on a single domain. SSL certificates can be bought on an annual basis for a maximum period of 5 years. Cebu Web Solutions offers low-priced SSL Certificates. The longer your SSL Certificates contract is, the bigger you save.
You can acquire SSL certificates once you have registered with any Supreme Web Hosting Bundles, through the easy-to-use Control Panel.

To learn more about Web Hosting and Servers, please visit Reliable Web Hosting Provider.

Home Based Business = Internet Marketing Money Maker

Home Based Business = Internet Marketing Money Maker

Author: craig

Your Home Based Business Internet Marketing Money maker

Hi my name is Craig Hoffmann and I am a Internet Marketer who started my home-based business Internet marketing money maker two years ago now. I now enjoy the freedom of being my own boss and spending quality time with my family and of course the money that you can make. Below are a few reasons why people should think about starting their own home-based business Internet marketing money maker. This is definitely the best decision I have ever made in my life to date.
Various reasons why there are many individuals who want to start their own home-based business Internet marketing money maker. Some are saying that the amount of money that they are earning from being a Internet marketing money maker, is high compared to their monthly salary from their regular work. It even comes to a point that they are earning money similar to or more than the salary of their managers and department heads!. This is true, since many Internet marketing money makers can earn up to as much as a hundred thousand a month. There are plenty of Internet solutions online to help people start making money I have reviewed some good ones in my Internet Marketing Reviews category.
Other reasons that Internet marketers may include in their list are their differences with their respective bosses. Spending more time with their spouses and children. The chance of traveling which is virtually impossible if they are just ordinary employees, the chance for an improved quality of life, and others. Other reasons behind their determination to start and continue their home-based business Internet marketing money maker is of the money involved.
Having a home-based business Internet marketing money maker, marketers can gain freedom from the pressure of your work. Not having to answer to a boss anymore or try to meet deadlines. There will be no-more alarm clocks to wake you up and go to your dead-end work that does not pay enough to let you do what you want to do. Tell your children that the family will be going to Disneyland during Yuletide season because money is not a problem. Watch your favorite musicals or play your favorite sport.
How would not having to worry about what will happen to your pay slip if you leave work earlier, or you could probably take a day or two off completely. Many Internet marketers just sign up on a particular Internet marketing program and make all the money that they can.
Another freedom that marketers enjoy in starting a home based business Internet marketing money maker is carrying your "office" on other locations. Even when your in Disneyland, or in the casino haven of Las Vegas, you will be able to close deals and earn lots of deals. Having a Internet marketing money maker that is going to give marketers a good salary no matter what they are doing and that's how many of the Internet solutions will help many marketers become financially free.
Start your home-based business Internet marketing money maker now and declare yourself to be the BOSS—doing what you love to do without the fear of being FIRED and LOSING! There are good Internet solutions online today to get you in the game.
Article Source:
About the Author
My name is Craig and I am here to help people with information on how to get started in Internet marketing and to provide quality information and reviews. For Your FREE 5 part e-course Click Here

How To Use Social Bookmarking Sites To Promote Your Website

How To Use Social Bookmarking Sites To Promote Your Website

Author: Kapila Bhatia
Social bookmarking sites help in the best possible way to promote your website, blogs and SEO articles. Once you choose a social bookmarking site it permits you to create an account and keep a track of your preferred sites. It also helps you to "tag" these by keywords or keyword phrases and then, you can share the URLs with whoever you prefer. In this way, you can share important information and interesting findings on the Internet with people. As many websites are shared and indexed, you can look for particular and relevant content for SEO just by doing an easy search on social bookmarking sites. All you need is to follow these simple steps:
First, you need to create an account on different social bookmarking sites. This will consist of a user ID, password and your site as a part of your user profile.
Next, you can download different buttons which are accessible to all Internet users who use social bookmarking sites. Users can add these buttons to their sites or blogs and this also gives visitors a nice opportunity to bookmark the web content.
Now, you need to develop your lists. You can organize lists of particular information for every submission. This allows you to keep everything in an organized manner and it is also simple to share relevant information with specialized groups.
After this, you have to provide a URL to the bookmarking site and then, provide information in the description box, give keywords, subject and tags. This process lets you to "index" your SEO articles and other submissions and posts.
You can continue sending links through this process and then, categorize these links accordingly to create your list. Always ensure that the web content you provide is relevant and authentic, so you are not marked as a spammer.
Following this process, you can start networking with other visitors in the group who have their own lists of similar keywords and topics. Using this process, you can promote your links and list and eventually, become a regular user.
By signing in to social bookmarking sites, you can visit important sites regularly. Moreover, as more visitors bookmark your webpage, the more back links your website gets. The more back links means your site achieves a higher rank. In addition, based on the bookmarking site, your website can get in more traffic. The reason is if many visitors bookmark your site in a short span of time on some websites, it is visible to those visitors who search these bookmarking sites for other information for a longer period of time. So, new visitors might visit your webpage, generating good traffic to your site. Professional web content writing services can also help you out with this entire process of bookmarking, helping your site to get higher ranking and generating good traffic to your site.
Article Source:
About the Author
Website content writing can be somewhat challenging. Get in touch with Kapila Bhatia for professional web content writing services.

Importance of Web Hosting!!

If you have a business and planning to take it online Or once you create a website or a online store the Web Hosting becomes extremely important and  major task to successfully lunch your business. If you aren't careful while choosing a web hosting service your business may suffer. Having a best Hosting is the most vital for your business.

Has hosting becomes more important because the web site will be completely depended on the hosting it is vary critical to have your site online 24/7 for the customer around the globe this may take you business for the net level,many companies say that there will be no down time of your site but they have to assure you to make your site live 24/7 there are some Hosting plan who provide a better service in hosting for your business.

Web Hosting is nothing but a Internet Hosting service which makes your website available on the world wide web. For this you have to own or lease a place in the server of the company where in you have opted the serves. Before choosing a best Hosting you have to keep some things in mind.  Before selecting it what makes you to pick a Best hosting service that has to support complete requirements of yours. This is the first step to your to your success full personal website or company web site which is the major part of the business.

There are some foremost thing to consider when your decide on a hosting company.

Don't be greedy its like thanking a large apartment to you alone. Yes estimate it how much you need in bandwidth and space which may suit your business requirements, the number of websites hosted on a server because if they are over hosting more then there server limit it may cause problem for you in near future so be alert before selecting a company.Server location must be mostly near to your business location it makes easy to route and manage your website in a less time.the data the Web Site Hosting service provider should not be limited this may effect in future so there must a option for future expansion. The most important part the back up must be there to protect your data.The age of the company the older the company the safer you are as they are for long period in the business they will be suitable for any challenge.they must be space and scope for multiple domains from your side and other features like technical support and customer support at any point of time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Basic Web Hosting Categories

Almost all individuals and organizations access their websites via world wide web (www). These websites become accessible for World Wide Web only when they are hosted/saved on a web server. So if you want to make a website, you must have web hosting space where you can save/host that website. There are different types of web hosting services. I will give very basic tips about each category.

Free Hosting:
Free web Hosting means the hosting service provider would not charge you if you save your website on his server.
Positive points;
  1. It is cheaper than others.
  2. You have to sign up only once to start a website. You don’t need to worry about design as you will be using already available templates.
  3. This type of hosting works mostly for personal blogs, which have low traffic.

Negative points;
  1. There is no database option.
  2. In free hosting you cannot use your own domain name.
  3. Most of the times, you don’t get any technical support.
  4. As anyone can sign up for a free site, therefore such servers are prone to virus and hacker attacks.

Shared (Virtual) Web Hosting:
In shared web hosting, you have to pay your web hosting service provider. It allows you to select your own domain name. The followings are some positive and negative points of shared hosting. Many other web site owners share the same server with you. Every owner pays his part of cost.
Positive points;
  1. This type of web hosting works for small business and average traffic.
  2. It gives you more choice in design selection and domain name.
  3. You get after sales support.

Negative points;
  1. One server has tons of sites so there is always a risk for virus.
  2. There are some restrictions on traffic volume.
  3. There is restriction on database support.
  4. Software support is also restricted.

Dedicated Hosting:
In dedicated hosting, you hire the whole server. Definitely, you have to bear all the running cost of that server. It suits only those sites which earn a handsome amount every month.
 Positive points;
  1. Works good even when there is a very high volume of traffic.
  2. It offers very powerful email solutions.
  3. Client may have multiple domain names.

Negative points;
  1. Although, this type of hosting gives you independence and speed but just a few website owners can enjoy the luxury of hiring the whole server for one site only.

Collocated Hosting:
Collocated hosting is flexible in its nature. Although you hire a server for your site just like dedicated hosting but in collocated hosting, the hosting company is responsible for facilities like (UPS) ,fire control etc.
Positive points;
  1. It is the most flexible hosting service.
  2. You get best security in Collocated hosting.
  3. You can use any software you like in this type of hosting.
  4. Collocated hosting provides the best up-time.

Negative points;
  1. Collocated hosting is called the most expensive hosting service.
  2. You need technical know how to configure your server.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keys To A Successful Web Hosting Experience!

At earlier stage when beginning of an online business, web hosting sounds like a technical and complicated to understand. However, by establishing clear goals and needs of a business, you will come to know what is web hosting and you start to design a plan that will help simplify your needs. This will also give you a better understanding of the overall process. This article can help you comprehend web hosting better.

There are many web hosting companies, they are just affiliate accounts but act like stand-alone real web Host. In reality, they are linked to the major players in the Hosting field and such companies purchase large amount of server space from a hosting company and rent it as a premium to small sites. So, make sure that your web host is actually a web host and not the affiliated one. Also, make sure that the price is same in other hosting companies.
It is very necessary to check how often a site hosting providers' sites are available online. Because, we normally, don’t want to sign up with a hosting service that is constantly causing your website to be down all the time.  So, you better read customer reviews before choosing a hosting company. Try to get what these current customers have to state to get a sense of their experiences. If the host has a lot of legitimate excellent reviews, then you can be confident that this is an excellent one to choose. However, be careful because a lot of reviews can be faked.

When hosting your website on the web you will need to make sure that the company providing 24/7 Customer Support round the clock. Being new, you will have a lot of queries about the package you choose. You will have more use for the customer service assistance. Choose a web hosting site company that can provide Best 24/7 customer support and latest features at really affordable prices like lowest down time, Speed. This way you will receive technical assistance any time you need to avoid any possible downtime for your websites.

Make sure that you choose a web host that provides both cPanel and Fantastic. Because, CPanel can assist you in managing your website easily and friendly by using this control panel. Fantastic is a strong script installer that lets you install scripts in only two minutes instead of the thirty minutes that it takes to install them manually. These two features are very useful for you.

Web hosting is something that is very necessary if you have a site online, You can use the tips in this article to find a great web host. Make the right choices with the help of the information in this article. By Choosing a good web host, we will ensue you that you will have successful online business running smoothly.