Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Basic Web Hosting Categories

Almost all individuals and organizations access their websites via world wide web (www). These websites become accessible for World Wide Web only when they are hosted/saved on a web server. So if you want to make a website, you must have web hosting space where you can save/host that website. There are different types of web hosting services. I will give very basic tips about each category.

Free Hosting:
Free web Hosting means the hosting service provider would not charge you if you save your website on his server.
Positive points;
  1. It is cheaper than others.
  2. You have to sign up only once to start a website. You don’t need to worry about design as you will be using already available templates.
  3. This type of hosting works mostly for personal blogs, which have low traffic.

Negative points;
  1. There is no database option.
  2. In free hosting you cannot use your own domain name.
  3. Most of the times, you don’t get any technical support.
  4. As anyone can sign up for a free site, therefore such servers are prone to virus and hacker attacks.

Shared (Virtual) Web Hosting:
In shared web hosting, you have to pay your web hosting service provider. It allows you to select your own domain name. The followings are some positive and negative points of shared hosting. Many other web site owners share the same server with you. Every owner pays his part of cost.
Positive points;
  1. This type of web hosting works for small business and average traffic.
  2. It gives you more choice in design selection and domain name.
  3. You get after sales support.

Negative points;
  1. One server has tons of sites so there is always a risk for virus.
  2. There are some restrictions on traffic volume.
  3. There is restriction on database support.
  4. Software support is also restricted.

Dedicated Hosting:
In dedicated hosting, you hire the whole server. Definitely, you have to bear all the running cost of that server. It suits only those sites which earn a handsome amount every month.
 Positive points;
  1. Works good even when there is a very high volume of traffic.
  2. It offers very powerful email solutions.
  3. Client may have multiple domain names.

Negative points;
  1. Although, this type of hosting gives you independence and speed but just a few website owners can enjoy the luxury of hiring the whole server for one site only.

Collocated Hosting:
Collocated hosting is flexible in its nature. Although you hire a server for your site just like dedicated hosting but in collocated hosting, the hosting company is responsible for facilities like (UPS) ,fire control etc.
Positive points;
  1. It is the most flexible hosting service.
  2. You get best security in Collocated hosting.
  3. You can use any software you like in this type of hosting.
  4. Collocated hosting provides the best up-time.

Negative points;
  1. Collocated hosting is called the most expensive hosting service.
  2. You need technical know how to configure your server.