Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Should We Think Before Hire Freelance?

No doubt that you at right place for your query many of members may help you on same and some of can guild you better but it’s really important to know about the one to whom you are going to choose for free lance work. If you just looking for design your website then you may proceed with past experience and overall services that will be given by him. How much time it required, you may also connected with top website designer companies and ask your query. No need to worry they are not asking money for any query.

If you are thinking to build your own website by using some easy software as they can feel you to work with Microsoft word then is happy you may go with website builder. They are more attractive and easy to use you don’t need any kind of technical information or just pay you time and enjoy website that you want.

You may ensure yourself by knowing something about SEO and how your website deal in search engine what traffic you really required? And some more question that you may ask before hire an freelancer for your website -

About SEO

Many of people will give you surety with top ranking and thousands of visitors at your website.  But sadly it’s not possible always many conditions are here that can be consider for site ranking and major factor is keywords competition.

Traffic Types

Organic traffic always consider as best traffic and have higher chance to get sale and mostly found that conversion rate is always higher with organic results.

Referring traffic is always seen less profitable less chance of sale but you would get higher enquiry and traffic at your website.

Direct traffic is much better then organic or referring, that is mean you are getting traffic by you name and your site increasing its brand value. Your name is your service.

You may also read some SEO myth that freelancer may tell you -

Best is guest posting - 

It’s not quite easy to measure any trick as people are not really aware on search engine algorithm and its hard to say what percentage guest posting effective to search engine ranking either it’s easy to say that guest posting is an effective method to get higher ranking in search engine as guest posting have less chance to get spamming.

Social Optimization - 

Social networking site like face book, twitter and LinkedIn have millions of active users and continue increasing their members so don’t think too much just look how you can attract towards you site. No need to worry at all SEO is just can’t become a tool as competition will remain increase now Google can‘t do this just enhance its ranking algorithm.

These are the things are really important when you consider to hire a freelancer now you have ability to ask question with them. We dont think that an professionalization SEO company is wrong choice. By this you get more interactions and features. We wish you good luck