Thursday, February 9, 2012

Myth of Using Website Builder Software

There is a general thought behind website builder that the designers will crumble your online reputation, this is totally a myth. With this article I’m going to expose these myths.

Myth #1. Online site builder is only for Neophyte/Fresher

These tools are designed in such a simple way that any Neophyte/fresher can easily use it and design a website. Not only it is useful for new ones, but also for the most experienced persons who are having a number of years of experience in designing professional websites. They can introduce several other features in the website by using these tools.

Myth #2. Looks like a Xerox

When you start building a website, surely, you start with a rough idea of design. Website building tools provides you 100 percent customization facility. Take an example; if you want to change the template then you can change it by changing its HTML code. Similarly, if you want to change header position then you can simply drag it from top to bottom.

Myth #3. Your Website will be limited

In earlier days, the feature of customization was not taken into account while designing website building tools, but now they build custom website building software by including several features in it like HTML code and widgets. For example, if you want a flash banner then you can get it by using flash generator. Similarly, if you want a YouTube button then you can copy its code and paste in the HTML code of your website where you want it to be on your site.

Myth #4.  All website builder software gives the same look

Website building tools are very flexible, meaning thereby, provides you with the opportunity to make your website in your own way. Generally, what happens? Mostly people get stick to the same templates in order to generate traffic. However, it is a stupidity, people gets attracted by information and love site navigation. In this technology growing world, don’t remain stick to only one design, time to time updates are necessary.

Myth #5.  Website won’t rank high in search engine

This is a wrong thinking; one can easily get a high ranking through website builders. You can easily add keywords, content, description to your website with the help of these tools, but if you are building website on your own i.e. without using site builder tools then often it will take more time to edit your Meta tags and similar things.  Hence, with these tools you can easily enter relevant keywords on every page and in right Meta tag. Many of site builders are advance and they understand the needs of SEO and build up an easy CMS to make website perfectly and friendly to search engine and visitor too. You must know that how search works and there is no effect that you are using what software

Search engine Spiders and its work

Google have published its own PDF file or SEO guidelines. Make sure your site is indexed by search engines, which means automated "spiders" will crawl over your site's content and put it on the map. From there, optimization involves a combination of editorial and technical tweaks. Essentially, content - particularly headlines - needs to be descriptive and literal, using keywords consumers are likely to use. Some sites may try to "trick" Google, either by loading pages with too many irrelevant keywords, or with "doorway" pages that use links in bulk with no original content. If you are focusing to work with high traffic and competitive keywords then you have another option to go with SEO services because its required lots of promotion task that SEO company may do it.

Myth #6.  Difficult to use

Website building tools are very simple; they are just like MS-Word. These tools provide basic tutorials for those who are not aware with the technical languages. So in any way these tools are not difficult to use.

Lets talk about Druple As we all know that it’s one of the good content management system, provides a platform for website designing. When you get logged into Drupal then you will see a series of buttons which will allow you to easily add or edit your content. The pages you add to it will automatically get appear into the menu. With Drupal, editing of a page is as easy as writing in word. Some people think that all website designed with Drupal looks similar, but it is not true as it provides you the option to use your own templates. Same policy does apply on word press and Joomla.

In Nutshell, building website through website building software is very simple and there is no risk in it. EcoSiteBuilder provides an blog on Build My Own Website that really sound well in terms of building website