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Smowtion Q&A: Another Google AdSense Alternative?

Smowtion is a growing advertising network for worldwide publishers and is becoming a Google AdSense alternative. One of our website XXX, not this QMS (Quick Money Saver) itself, in our network just have joined Smowtion some time ago. We have had some interesting conversions with one of its account executives, so we just share with you here.

The below conversions do not aim to conclude Smowtion is a good or bad advertising network. We fully understand different ads networks have their own different policies. We just share with our readers the facts and let them determine on their own whether Smowtion ads network is really another Google AdSense alternative.

The followings are conversions between a Smowtion account executive and our another website XXX which was already approved by Smowtion. This is actually a very long email, so we put it as a Q&A (Questions and Answers) format. Our questions, summarized here by QMS (Quick Money Saver) team, are also marked in green for your easier reading. Here what the Q&A conversions are all about:

---------------- START --------------------
Smowtion Support Said:

Lamentably, Website XXX does not meet Smowtion's requirements. Usually, some of the unmet requirements are:

(1) Site contains adult content.
(2) Site is not accessible
(3) Site is hosted in a .tk or .cc. domain.
(4) Site contains inadequate content (violence, discrimination, etc).
(5) Site does not have enough information in order to determine its thematic

QMS Team Asked:

Today I receive a message saying that my site does not meet Smowtion's requirements.

This message looks strange for me, as I have read through your whole list of best practices again and confirm that my site should really conform to your requirements.

Now what can I do to add my site back to your system?

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Our team of traffic quality checked your website and it does not meet our requirements. You can check more information here:

QMS Team Asked:

I do not believe my site has any traffic quality problem, especially it was actually a Smowtion-approved site just one week ago. Would you please kindly let me know if it is reviewed by machine or human?

In addition, I read ToS (Terms of Services) again and still cannot find any specific requirement about traffic quality. Would you please kindly help me to locate the exact location for such terms so that I can better understand it and avoid any possible violation in the future?

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Websites are reviewed by our team of traffic quality, conformed by humans. They revised it and locked it because it does not comply with our TOS.

QMS Team Asked:

Would you please kindly let me know:

(1) The exact location about 'traffic quality' in your TOS so that I can better understand it and avoid any possible violation in the future?

(2) Why the same site can be approved and then 'locked' within a week?

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Our team of traffic quality checks websites and moderates them according to our TOS: "Traffic Quality" is the name provided to their position, it has nothing to do with our TOS.

Furthermore, it was approved, and it was revised again and blocked. Websites are checked daily to make sure they comply with our requirements.

QMS Team Asked:

Would you please let me know your EXACT requirement about 'traffic quality' which is not listed in TOS (Terms of Services)?

I feel a bit confused which blog(s) in my network can meet your hidden 'traffic quality' requirement or not.

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Traffic quality is not a requirement, it is the name of our team. Our team of Traffic quality, who are in charge of moderating the websites.

The website does not meet our TOS so it cannot be approved.

QMS Team Asked:

I am happy to know that traffic quality is not a requirement. Traffic quality is in fact not an element that publishers can really control.

Now I just want to know what EXACT term(s) in TOS my site has violated. Can you please kindly help me to ask your 'traffic quality' team about this?

It is because I cannot find any possible TOS violation for my site. In addition, within the week when my site was approved and then 'locked', I knew I did not change anything in my site.

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Unfortunately I am not aware of the exact reasons, it is something that concerns our team of traffic quality. It was approved, but websites are revised daily to check they comply with our TOS.

QMS Team Asked:

I still have no idea which EXACT term(s) in TOS my site has violated.

Would you please kindly help me to find out from your 'traffic quality' team or anyone who is familiar with TOS details?

I am serious to follow your TOS and I really need your help to see how I can fully comply with your TOS.

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

I am not aware of the violation of your website. It is a field which corresponds to our team of Traffic Quality.

QMS Team Asked:

So can you please kindly refer my question to someone who is familiar with TOS details?

As a responsible publisher, I need to know how I can fully comply with your TOS before I re-submit any website.

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

I am afraid it is something that corresponds to our team of traffic quality and I am not aware of the reasons. They determined it like this.

QMS Team Asked:

Does Smowtion have anyone (human) familiar with TOS details to tell about this?

It does not make sense Smowtion cannot tell EXACTLY why it blocks one site, right?

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

I am familiar with our TOS, but I don't know the exact reason why your website is blocked. It is something that concerns the team of traffic quality.

QMS Team Asked:

So you are familiar with TOS (Terms of Services), but still do not know the exact reason why my website is blocked?

Please help to get someone in 'traffic quality' team to explain it more clearly. Does your 'traffic quality' team approve or block a site really according to TOS??

Thanks again, although your answers looked a bit confusing and repetitive.

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

As I mentioned you before I cannot know the reasons, it is something that regards our team of traffic quality, I already asked for another revision and they rejected the website. You can find information here:

QMS Team Asked:

Is there any other way publishers can possibly know the exact reasons of rejection?

I hope you understand how publishers feel if Smowtion is blocking websites for no exact reasons.

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Once the websites are blocked, the Publisher himself must check our TOS: in order to find more information about this problem.

QMS Team Asked:

Yes I myself already checked your TOS ( but just still unable to find exact information about this problem.

What else can a publisher who really wanted to join Smowtion can do?

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

The blocking of your website is not my decision. It has been determined from our team of traffic quality. More information can be found in and

QMS Team Asked:

I know it was not your decision. Therefore I just asked if you can refer my question to the decision maker or who else (human) can I contact instead of you?

Smowtion Account Executive Answered:

Unfortunately there is no way for me to contact our team of traffic quality. All the information I have is your website does not comply with our TOS.
---------------- END --------------------

That is the end of our Q&A conversions. We, Quick Money Saver, believe there is no need to continue asking our questions, so we just have to give up.

Is Smowtion a scam?

We do not know the answer whether it is a scam or not. May be the Smowtion account executive has already tried his best explaining the related policy to us. However, at the end we still cannot know how traffic quality team of Smowtion is working and how this traffic quality team is linking with its ToS (Terms of Services), so we cannot give further comments or conclude it must be a scam. Nevertheless, we are totally neutral for whether it is really a good Google AdSense alternative. We leave it to you yourself to decide whether it is a good idea to join Smowtion ads network as a publisher for monetizing your websites.

On the other hand, we have no intention to discourage any people using Smowtion ads network. May be this advertising network has good (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) or special ads revenues etc that can work well for your earnings. Furthermore, in order to fully respect the privacy of the account executive, we also decide not to disclose the name of this Smowtion representative here.

Since we are yet to have enough Smowtion ads network data, such as CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) etc, to compare directly with Google AdSense, so we welcome any comment from you whether you think Smowtion advertising network is an acceptable Google AdSense alternative. Ideally we, QMS (Quick Money Saver) team, would like to know whether there are any good ways to maximize earnings for this ads network, just like what we can do for Google AdSense. For a more balance point of view, if possible, we also welcome any other representative from this advertising network to explain or clarify their policy more clearly here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Benefits of having a Website:

Website is the main medium these days for communication and also trading your product and services. Are you thinking of getting a website? if so, you have landed in the right place. This article depicts about the benefits and also the importance of having a website. Through a website it is possible that you can reach unlimited people at one go thus it is considered being the best way or medium of communication. Not only that, you can trade your several products and services through your website.

Gone those days when people used to have website for the sake of providing information to the targeted customers. Not it has become a part of your business. It hardly matters whether what is your business, to fetch the targeted customers online it is important to have a website for your business. It is also required that your website should look attractive, innovative on its way. So whenever you are thinking to get a website for you, you should select the best Complete Web Solution Provider for several Services.

Now we shall move on regarding what are the different services you require to make your website live. First of all, you require a great web hosting company to host your site. It means purchasing the web space where you shall store all your required data, such as images, content, videos, applications, design, template and more.

Then you should name your website properly. It is time now for domain name registration. The domain name or the website name should be unique, easy and simple. It is the name that offers your website the identity and also your targeted customers do type it on the web browser. Isn’t that5 great?

Then you should hire a website coder who will code your website in a secular platform you choose. Simultaneously you need a designer who will provide you with great design and will make your website look ravishing. Last but not the least you require a Content Developer, who will speak your imagination in all the pages. So, you must be thinking that for all these services you have to roam a lot. Not at all, you get all these services under one roof. You have to select one Complete Web Solution Company, which will offer you with great services and if you create your website from one place, you may get some discounts as well. What more can you ask for?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What are the advantages of SSL certificate? | Web Hosting Guide

You must be thinking that why you should need to use SSL? This article is completely dedicated to benefits of SSL Certificates.

The most important and basic reason of using SSL is used is to keep sensitive information. It has been sent across the Internet encrypted. It is been done so that should be the only intended recipient can be understood. SSL Certification is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer. This process is been done by the SSL certificate to get to the destination server. It is as simple as that.

There should be a computer in between you and the server. Along with that one can see the credit card numbers, usernames and passwords and other important documents. There you can also avail with some other sensitive information. You can see only if is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. For your information, I must tell you that when an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server. Here we have discussed 3 major benefits of using SSL certificate. 
Authentication is required in every field. A proper SSL certificate provides authentication. It means that you can be sure that you are sending information to the right server. You can make sure that the use of the information will be good and it won’t go in bad hand. Apart from these I must tell you that if you face the nature of the Internet, it means that your customers will often be sending information through several computers. 
Use SSL for Gaining Customers’ Trust:

Whether any web browser you are using it provides you the visual cues. It is like a lock icon or a green bar. It is important to make sure that visitors should know when their connection is secured or not. It will trust your website more when they see these cues. Not only that the SSL providers will also provide you a trust seal that instills.

SSL Certificate Protects Phishing:

If you get any phishing email, you should know that the email would have sent by a bad person. He or she wants to impersonate your website. It saves you from getting such threats for your website. Any particular email usually includes a link to own website or uses a man-in-the-middle attack to use your own domain name. Not only is that it very difficult for these criminals to receive a proper SSLcertificates. Thus you can be sure that SSL certificate protects phishing.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Essential Debt-Free Management Steps For Cutting Financial Liabilities

In this money-saving blog post, we would like to emphasize that debt-free management can start with a number of essential steps for keeping you and your family out of financial liabilities. In fact, we are no longer staying at the previous stage of easy-and-free spending culture. As a daily consumer, we are now making difficult choices about exactly how much we can afford to spend. Although this hard situation has mostly been caused by the recent economic downturn and the poor credit market environment, it still makes sense for every family to prevent over-spending and also engage in proper money-saving budget for better debt-free management.

Here are six essential debt-free management steps for keeping you and your family out of financial liabilities:

(i) The initial step for debt-free management is to firstly make a detailed listing of your liabilities and assets. We do expect that you will never be surprised by exactly what you can learn during and after the process of making such list, however, many families can just be shocked by knowing how little net worth (after deducting liabilities from assets) they actually own.

(ii) Next debt-management step is that you have to build a reasonable monthly budget. Your budget shall cover all the essentials, i.e.: include every debt payment. This budget shall also have a certain amount of money prepared for a few rainy days each month. You are not advised to buy non-essential stuffs unless you can save more money than you already budgeted.

(iii) The true idea of debt-free management budget is to fully understand how little should be classified as essentials. If you are a homeowner but have no plan to move, all your housing expenditures should then be classified as essentials. Some homeowners are not going to move simply because they have owed more money than their home shall be worth.

In fact, there are many other stuffs should be categorized as essentials, although some flexibility can be allowed in actual budget. A good example is about calculating how much one shall spend on food stuffs (including meals out and groceries). Many families can easily reduce this budget in half (i.e.: 50%) by cutting meals out at restaurants or pre-packaged food stuffs at grocery shops. One may eventually discover that he can also benefit by eating healthier food on a smaller budget.

Other stuffs that can fall into this category of essentials may include payments one spends on mobile phones, daily travels, utilities including water and electricity bills, and other necessities of life etc. Although one still needs to pay certain amount for each essential cost, he should always be able to find rooms for improvement to reduce wastes. Educate your children that they shall not play online games through cell phones. They shall also begin cutting their internet plans, thus they use mobile phones only for basic communication purpose.

(iv) One shall include payments for debt services inside his list of essential payments, because his ultimate goal is to become debt-free. That said, this is an area one can actually splurge. Always consider to pay at least 10% per month extra money for your home mortgage payment and 100% per month extra (i.e.: double your payment) money for your revolving credit fee. Once you get any tax return, bonus at work, or any cash gift, do consider allocating half of them to cover your debts so as to speed up the whole debt-free process.

(v) The next critical step for debt-free management budget shall be to get a savings cushion for special rainy days. Most people can easily be in trouble on debts once something suddenly goes wrong. Even if one has a basic health insurance, a sudden medical emergency case may still cost him extra money. A necessary but expensive car repair will immediately send him back into trouble with credit card debts unless he does get a savings cushion for special rainy days.

(vi) The last debt-management budget step is, if one does have any money left, he may spend it on some non-essentials. Always remember that once one has made a budget for debt-free management, it is likely that there is no much money for non-essentials at the beginning. There will be no holiday trips for a period of time, and he will surely expect a diminished lifestyle. He will also need to live with fashion styles of the previous years. Even if he can buy new clothes, they can only be purchased in thrift stores or bargain basements. Nevertheless, more money will actually be available for extra stuffs at the end because he will never need to live with high interest-rate debts any more.

These are the six essential debt-free management steps for keeping you and your family out of financial liabilities. If you are making a similar budget for debt-free management, do realize that there must be sacrifices at the beginning and money pay-offs will be seen over the longer run.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What is email hosting?

E-mail hosting is amongst the most appreciated resource these days. According to sources, people are opting towards purchasing e-mail hosting.  It is state that the explosion in demand for email hosting services. Apart from the services, there are huge numbers of people who send and receive email messages every day. It can be said that the e-mail hosting service can be a very attractive option for companies. It helps especially for gaining new customers for the business.

In today’s day and age most of the companies provide these services and have large server resources. May be this is the procedure of e-mail hosting is quiet potentially and can help you to create a large enterprise. The entire thing depends on how many bells and whistles are offered. These bells and whistles are considered being the services and the facilities. Again it also means that a web hosting company offers to perform email functions for customers. In today’s article we are discussing about e-mail hosting and the several services.

The e-mail hosting is provided by several web hosting companies large and small. There are many popular companies such as Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft also offer best services. These companies offer email as a stepping-stone toward signing up users. You will get all require web needs to be filled by these e-mail hosting providers.

It is obvious that when the great services are been provided such reputed companies, the email services are usually free for the most basic suite. Apart from these, there are more complicated needs, especially storage of email messages, routinely cost extra. I have seen that there are some smaller companies offer free email hosting. All you have to do is select your preferred web hosting from these incredible variety of options.

One should know that traditional email use, via applications that reside on individual computers, is rare. Again, there are some common practices that go online to download email messages, responding to those messages offline. In this article, we have got enough knowledge about e-mail hosting. If you are thinking of undertaking e-mail hosting, then you should contact the most reputed web hosting provider.     

What are Email Hosting Benefits?

Email hosting services are mostly utilised by small to medium business enterprises that rely on custom email addresses that match the name of their company website domain. They allow users to create a variety of email types that utilise the same trailing address.

Hosting Raja, India's fastest growing web hosting company provides best email hosting services for Indian customers.. For more details, visit:

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Benefits of using c-Panel in Web Hosting

Are you having a website and which is actively participated in its development and hosting? You must be shocked. I must tell you that there are solid chances to come across a magic software application called cPanel. Are you aware of cPanel? If you are still in confusion state, then I must tell you that a cPanel is the considered as control panel of your web space. Apart from this, it generally covers every customization option that you think for your website. In this article, we are discussing that there are many features of using cPanel in websites.

The certain basic features of cPanel are being the web based and FTP servers that help in uploading. Not only has that it helped in the other manipulation operations associated with web based files. If you are using c-Panel you can also change the setting of the applications used to develop the site.
There are few applications, which make it worth to have a Fantastico enabled cPanel are:

Blogs: There will be hardly very few people who do not aware of Blogs. I must say that the views or information sharing or just a glimpse of a new idea. The people who all want to do are blog about it. It is a small suggestion, people who are website owners; it is always great to have a blogging application. It is also been said that most blogging applications come surrounded from different Content Management Systems.

Content Management System (CMS): There are many content management systems and open sources available in the industry. I must say that CMS or magic applications are able to create a site in spending few times. Most importantly there are several options like changing, deleting, uploading and more. All you have to do is select all those options that make convenient.

Image gallery: Can anyone imagine a website without websites? It is only possible only when the website is highly content specific and has the rich content rather engaging content to attract the targeted customers. There are several cases when the website developer requires providing a virtual image tour or a tutorial. It obviously enhances the viewer experience and increase the traffic as well.

Now you get a rough idea regarding the cPanel, Again, also the advantages of the features while using c-Panel in the time of web site hosting.

For more details, visit: