Monday, October 29, 2012

[Must Read] Secrets of Earning or Saving Money Online

If one starts saving money now, the money in one day will save him back.

That may be why many people seek ways to save money whatever they can. Some people always look for discounts when they buy. Some people search for coupons on the internet for saving more money online.

However, there are also people who buy things naturally once they want. They buy even they understand they cannot afford and they do not have any discounts or coupons. Anyway, they still buy even they know they are spending more than earning. To overcome this buying addiction, these people should work out a budgeting plan until their income exceeds what they can earn at least. Even so, we cannot ignore the fact that there are always people in serious debts in this world. The key issue nowadays is that most people are not earning enough money for satisfying all their daily purchasing needs.

A better solution for those people who are already addicted to buying should be letting them know firstly how to earn more money, and then educate them how to do saving and budgeting.

Nowadays there are plenty of money earning opportunities on the internet. It shall never be that easy to earn more than what you are given from your employer. For achieving this earning goal, one will need to:

(i) decide whether you do want to be self-employed.

(ii) determine what type of home-based business you are familiar with and can handle properly.

(iii) If the above step (ii) needs money for starting-up, there are programs on the internet that can lead you to earn enough start-up money. For instance, "I would go running my own restaurant but I need $60K for business starting. I can achieve it if I sell this product online for 6 months". One will never know, because once earning $60K in only one month you may even forget about starting your dream restaurant business. Here is our recommended earning program: Do not miss our Money Earning Affiliate Program.

(iv) Do business research. Search for how many possible business competitors you actually have. For running a restaurant business, possible competitors are those close to where your restaurant locates and close to the price level you set. Try seeing if your business competitors are profitable and how much money your competitors are earning each month. Learn where your business competitors do their advertisements, where they find their suppliers, and where their customers come from etc.

(v) Take Action! Even if one has a wonderful earning plan, one will never make it without execution. Once getting enough confidence or reasonable chance of success, just go for it. Life is short and you do not have many decades for pending business action.

Some statistics reported that 90% of first-time home-based businesses cannot success. It seems quite a high failure rate, and of course, your business may also fail initially. However, never give up your home-based business too soon. Always study your main cause of failure and then try again, you will certainly get it right one day and will own a successful earning business. It is because although the first-time business failure rate is high, statistically failure for the second time or the third time should be much less possible than the first one.

Once you start earning some money, as what we have said, do not forget about saving money effectively. At this critical stage, you should then start learning how to do saving and budgeting. There are indeed lots of money saving ideas available, and just by searching on the internet you can easily find many creative saving methods out there. However, we think a better learning way is to make a pilot saving plan for your daily necessaries first. For more money saving tips, here is what we recommended: Do not miss this Special Money Saving Guide.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Discount-Priced Shops For Saving You More Money

Thanks for visiting this webpage about discount-priced shops which explores more details how we can help you to save more money. This serves as an evidence that we are not just 'talking' about saving by letting you know some basic money-saving theories, we prefer to do actual actions to offer more opportunities for saving you extra money.

Table of QMS Discount-Priced Shops

What we say "our discount-priced shops" here do not mean that QMS fully owns each of them, or QMS directly provides all the discounts and low-priced offers. It just represents either QMS partially owns or manages the store(s), QMS helps promoting our franchised store(s), or QMS may get benefits from promoting the store(s) of other companies. Here is the list of "our stores":

Name of Online Shop(s)Brief Description of the Online Shop(s)Location
Olympics Sport ShopThis Olympics Sport Shop offers discount-priced items about all Olympic sport types.Olympics Sport Shop
Technology CornerThis Technology Corner Store mainly offers discount-priced smart phones of Apple, Android, Samsung, Nokia etc.Technology Corner Digital Store
Book Shop for Investment StudiesThis Book Shop for Investment Studies offers discount-priced books about studying investment knowledge.Book Shop for Investment Studies
Money ShareThis Money Share Store offers digital items that can be shared and downloaded at very cheap prices.Money Share Digital Store
Book Shop for Chinese StudiesThis Book Shop for Chinese Studies offers discount-priced books about studying China.Book Shop for Chinese Studies
Book Shop for China Investment StudiesThis Book Shop for China Investment Studies offers discount-priced books about studying investment specifically in China.Book Shop for China Investment Studies
"Mr. China" Book ShopThis "Mr. China" Book Shop offers discount-priced books recommended by Mr. China."Mr. China" Book Shop

Table of Our Online Stores

As we will work with more discount-priced stores to give you more saving, we will keep this shopping-store list updated continuously. You are now highly recommended to bookmark this webpage or to subscribe to get free updates about our money-saving site (subscription link can be found near the top right-hand corner of our webpage) so that you can quickly catch up with the best discount-priced offers available.

Quick Money Saver (QMS) Has Started to Get PageRank!

We almost could not breathe! We, Quick Money Saver (QMS), quickly started to get Google PageRank (PR) in early May at the time we launched this site for less than 3 months and had only a few articles posted. Google PageRank (PR) is a popular measure of site ranking for all websites in the world.

This was really a good news to our new QMS team, although we only achieved PR1 at that moment. What is more encouraging is that our PageRank has continued to boost and, as far as we know, our site has already been promoted to PR2 since August. While we do not check PageRank (PR) frequently as we understand PR does not mean everything, QMS team has full confidence that we will get even better ranking soon as we know we have quality traffic since our site launch. Our QMS website can rank simply because people love browsing our money-saving site and we are gaining popularity! Why people love QMS? We believe that it is truly due to we have quality contents that fit perfectly with the main purpose of our website: QMS does help people to save money! This can be done by introducing some good discounts or low-priced offers just like what described in the first half of this webpage.

Having such a successful start, we promise QMS will surely continue to produce more quality content for all of our supporting readers. If you have any other suggestions or recommendations for improving our money-saving site, please feel free to send us via email or just leave a comment below at the end of this webpage.

As a quick review, here are our top 5 (best viewed) article topics since our site launch:

(1). Free Website Marketing;
(2). Payza Costs Comparison;
(3). Olympics Shop For Saving;
(4). Free eBook Downloads;
(5). Saving Translation Costs.

The above top 5 list can at least give us some ideas what kind of money-saving tips our readers want to read or want to explore in more details. Although some topics (such as Olympics) seem to be quite seasonal, it should still be useful for our future editorial reference.

Anyway, with this initial success, one thing we must remember to say: Thanks for all your support to this new money-saving site, QMS (Quick Money Saver)!